Hello West Glades Middle School Parents. At the beginning of the year you were invited to join the Remind app for your child's grade level so that teachers could have a quick and easy way to communicate with you. About 1/3 of our middle school parents in each grade level have joined Remind and we would like for all parents to join. Entering the second nine weeks, we will be concetrating on student behavior. During the last nine weeks we taught the expected behaviors and now we will be holding those students that choose not to follow the expectations accountable. Following the school-wide expectations ensures that all students are safe and able to learn. We are asking again that you download this app and please join so that when/if your student is having a behavior issue, academic struggles or victories, the teacher can inform you via the app. Below are the codes for each grade level.

6th grade - @df8fh2
7th grade - @g4647b
8th grade - @6978fee

If you have already joined thank you so much we appreciate your support.