Over 70 parents attended in support of their AVID student.

Jane Hatfield, AVID District Director, explained how students were selected for AVID and what was expected of them.  She gave parents an overview of the State University System of Florida admissions matrix and spoke briefly about GPA and high school credit courses available to WGS students....

Ms. Villiers led the 6th graders in an AVID cheer, explained the structure of the AVID elective class, and introduced Josh Green, a 6th grade AVID student, who explained the mission of AVID and the AVID student goals and responsibilities to the audience.

Mrs. Collier then led the 7th graders in an AVID cheer, reviewed Cornell notetaking, and introduced parents to the Tutorial Request Form.

Lauro Garza, a 7th grade AVID student, reviewed the contents of the AVID binder with the crowd.

Gio Perez led the 8th graders in an AVID cheer;

Ms. McDougald explained the weekly grade check form to parents, and had her students—Destiny Cortez, Jaden Razo, Marcos Rico and Ashley DeSantiago, give tips to parents on how to monitor student progress and how to encourage good study habits.

Parents are important to the success of the AVID program. 

Thank you, parents, for supporting AVID at West Glades School! Go Panthers!!

Rhonda Kosh - AVID Site Coordinator

Vicki McDougald - 8th

Brenda Collier -7th

Mary Villiers - 6th