West Glades School students were recognized at the May 11th Glades County School Board Meeting for meeting the Sunshine State Challenge.  The purpose of this statewide reading motivational program is to encourage students to read independently for pleasure.  WGS has twelve students who read 10 of the 15 books and 9 students who read all 15 books. These students will be rewarded on May 25th with a trip on a limo party bus to Fort Myers where they will have lunch at Chuck E Cheese and have a personal tour of Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  Thanks to the Glades Educational Foundation for their support of this trip.

Sunshine State Readers:  Emma Dyess, Joellen Erskin, Wyatt Haney, William Sternal, Anakaren Sandoval, NIcholas Alexander, Karla Marines, Rolando Sandoval Grace Williamson, Mandi Marbry, Kylie Lowman, Teagan Dobson, Payton Crews, Riley Curtis, Zaira Moreno, Alex Nelson, Zoie Gregorio, and Thomas Gaskins.  Not pictured:  Melody Pegueros, Kenneth Bautista, and Shelbie Burtchaell.