At the Holiday program we presented some Literacy tips for parents and students.  Below is the information that was provided.  We encourage you to visit these sites with your children and take advantage of these resources to help your child succeed!!!!

I-Ready Information: I-Ready is an interactive program students can access online. I-Ready offers lessons in math and reading which are tailored to each student’s specific needs. I-Ready can be accessed at

Log in: Student’s Lunch Number

Password: Student’s Birthday (mmddyyyy)

Renaissance Information: Using Renaissance Home Connect, parents can now stay up-to-date on all of their student’s Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math assignments. Home Connect can be accessed at:

Log in: Student’s Lunch Number

Password: Student’s Birthday (mmddyy)

Literacy Websites

As we move into an increasingly digital society, it is critically important that each student’s education continues to grow as their needs change. Below are some student-centered websites. Be aware that some apps may not be compatible with every web browser. More sites and apps are available simply by searching Google and                KG-8th; free                   KG-2nd; free                    KG-2nd;  free   KG-8th; free                      KG-8th; free                        KG-8th; free 

Literacy Apps

Below is a list of student-centered  apps for smartphones and tablets. Keep in mind that not all apps are compatible with all devices. Many apps may also be available in the Google Play Store by searching “kids learning apps”.

Door24Plus: free on iTunes for K-8

World’s Worst Pet free on iTunes for K-5

Letters A to Z: $.99 on iTunes for K-1 and ELL

iWrite Words: $2.99 on iTunes for K-2

ABC Magic Reading: free on iTunes for K-3 and ELL

Reading for Kids: 100 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read: free on iTunes for K-8

Super Why!: $2.99 on iTunes K-3

Word Bingo: $.99 on iTunes K-2

Spelling Bee: $2.99 on iTunes 4th-8th

Travel Games

When you travel this holiday season, remember that this is a great time to get students engaged, whether it’s in the airport or in the car.

Below is a list of travel games that students of all ages can participate in.

1. I Spy

2. Road Trip Bingo

3. License Plate Game

4. Tic-Tac-Toe

5. I’m Going on a Picnic

6. 20 Questions

7. Connect the Dots

8. Hangman

9. The Preacher’s Cat

10. Spot the Car

Visit for a description of each game and free, printable game resources.

Just Take 20 

What is “Just Take 20?”

The Florida Department of Education created the Just Take 20 campaign to provide K-12 students and families with practical ways to include reading in their lifestyle.

Just Take 20 encourages families to seize everyday teachable moments by using 20 minutes a day to integrate reading into their busy lives. Families are invited to create their own custom literacy plans and have fun while learning!

For more information, visit:

Middle School Literacy Resources

In middle school we tend to see reading and literacy begin to take a backseat to the more social aspects of education. Here at West Glades we’ve found a few tips and tricks that make reading something middle school students love again while promoting digital literacy.

In 7th and 8th grade, students can now use to keep up with their language arts and reading vocabulary words. There are fun games to play and digital flashcards, even practice tests. Quizlet has also created an app available on smartphones and tablets.

In grades 6-8 students use the   Collections textbooks, and the series comes with their own website,  available at This website allows students to connect with their textbooks at home and even make up assignments while home or on vacation.

Get a Library Card

Get a library card:  Encourage your child to use the public library regularly. The Barron Library is located at 461 N. Main Street in LaBelle. To get a free library card, students must:

1. Show proof that they live in Hendry County OR attend West Glades School

2. Complete a personal information card

3. Have their parent/guardian sign for them as the responsible party